Traveling for work can be stressful - we totally get it! We've been there! But what better opportunity to explore a city with the excuse of going for work. With the amount of information online, it's hard to find exactly what works for you in the short amount of time you have. There's so many options in San Francisco that knowing what to choose is always a battle. How many times have you starred at your phone looking for a restaurant and just gave up and went to the Hotel Bar? I know I have! 


Let The Bay Area Backpacker save you time and frustration by customizing an itinerary that works best for you!


Alesia Venuto

The Bay Area Backpacker

When I graduated from College, I took my first big leap into the real world at a Tech Company in Boston. I was thrilled to get this opportunity which required me to travel every other month but it wasn't until my first trip I realized I was alone, didn't know people in the area and didn't have a clue of what to see during my short period of time. I was rellocated to San Francisco a year later and I was determined to see all that I could and experience the best the City had to offer. My promise to myself during this life changing experience was to, "try something new every weekend". And I did!


The Bay Area Backpacker was designed to help other Professionals in the area looking for things to do, with the right budget, limited timeframe and be a native for a weekend!