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Ready For Your Customized Itinerary - Now What?

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 22, 2017 9:14:46 PM / by Alesia Venuto

Alesia Venuto

Ready for your customized itinerary - Now what?

You're sick and tired of being sick and tired! You're ready for a change, ready to have fun, ready to relax and most of all, ready to gain more time back on your calendar! You may be thinking you are ready for your customized itinerary - now what?


To get started there are a few things to think about so we can help: 


1. Where are you staying?

If you have accomadations through your employer for the duration of your stay - great! If you are coming out early or staying late on your own dime, not to worry. There's plenty of great areas to stay and affordable whether that be AirBnB or Hotels. If there's a district you're DYING to really immerse yourself in like the Outer Richmond for amazing beach views and the Golden Gate Park - don't be afraid to try it!


2. How long are you staying?

Whether it be a weekend or a week long stay, make sure you have an understanding and realistic expectations on how much you can see!


3. What have you seen before?

This may be your 10th time coming to San Francisco and you're soooo over the Golden Gate Bridge or Fisherman's Wharf. Totally OK! You don't need to do all those things again. Think of the attractions you have seen and we'll make sure we stay clear of those. It's ok to not do the tourist-y things! 


4. What are you dying to see?

Don't be shy! If there's a buring desire to do something even if it's up in Napa make sure to let us know! 


5. What does your current schedule look like?

We certainly don't want to double book the restaurant you've heard so much about during a client meeting. Feel free to send us over your blocked off times and we can work around it. Locations would be helpful too so we can take into consideration your travel time!


6. Your favorite foods? 

There are soooo many amazing food choices in San Francisco. Sometimes it can be super overwhelming - in a good way. HAPPY HOUR! Trust me, you won't be going to Cheesecake. The one thing I love about San Francisco is how unique the restaurants are. Not many chains. If you love italian, sushi or pizza - we'll make sure we hit up all the best spots!


Now that we have the basics covered let's start planning! Fill out the form below to chat!


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Alesia Venuto

Written by Alesia Venuto