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Top 5 Benefits Of A Customized Itinerary vs. Planning Yourself

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 20, 2017 11:28:58 PM / by Alesia Venuto

Alesia Venuto

Top 5 Benefits Of A Customized Itinerary vs. Planning Yourself

You're ready for this adventure, in fact you've never been more ready to take this on. You are ready to get back from your business trip and tell your friends about all adventures you just had, the amazing things you just saw and the incredible things you just did that most toursit don't do because you're not a tourist..... you're a local for a weekend! Right? 

Ain't nobody got time for tourist-y things. Unless you really want to see the tourist stuff in that case you do have time for that, but not to research it! Which leads me to my next topic of discussion.... Top 5 benefits of a customized itinerary vs. planning yourself.

1. Customized to you!

whatever it is you do in life you should always remember to put yourself first and that's exactly what's in mind when building out a customized itinerary. This journey and experience is meant for you. Not the top ranked things to do on Google because there's times when what's ranked as the best things to do is not what you're really interested in. Want to hike, drink wine, dine, go to a show or you really like to fly kites - whatever your interests may be, you won't need to spend time Googling it.


2. Spend more time exploring

the last thing you want to be doing is spending hours on end searching each thing you're interested in and making a list the moment you have a second to breath off the showfloor or from prepping for your meeting. You didn't come to San Francisco to do more work did you? Stress less, explore more. The world is your oyster! 


3. Experience from a local

While the internet may be a trusted source and reviews are great, wouldn't it be neat to totally immerse yourself in the culture and find unique experiences? What a cool story it would be to tell your co-workers and boss (and impressive story I may add!) that you went to a speakeasy that was behind the scoreboard at AT&T baseball park and not everyone can get in..... 

say whatttttt?


4. No more calling to make reservations! Yay!

don't even think about picking up that phone to make a reservation again. Especially in San Francisco last minute - you'll may end up pulling your hair out. Whether it's a reservation at a restaurant, a winery, a show or a paint night - we got you covered. 


5. This is your time to relax....

a business trip can sometimes be stressful. Exploring the city shouldn't be. There's not much to explain in this point besides your health is extremely important and the secret to productivity is taking time off. Not taking more time!! 


Save your time, save your cellular data. Spend less time researching, spend more time relaxing. Are you ready to see the City through your eyes? Fill out our free consultation form below! 

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Alesia Venuto

Written by Alesia Venuto