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Top 5 Mobile Apps For Traveling Sales Professionals

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 29, 2017 12:33:28 AM / by Alesia Venuto

Alesia Venuto

mobile apps for traveling sales professionals

On the road again? Don't worry we got your back! It's important as a sales professional to be able to do anything you can do on your computer on your mobile phone as well.

There are times where you're on the show floor and may need to jot down some notes about a prospect or access a file to go through a presentation or maybe you scored big and need to have a conference on the fly. Whatever the case may be here are the top 5 mobile apps for traveling sales professionals. 

1. Evernote

My personal favorite - literally a game changer. Not only should you have this on your phone but also your computer. There's so many times where I forget to save things and X out of them like when I'm 97% to goal with 2 minutes left in the quarter and I close out of my notes with my prospect that I just talked to that literally gave me the blueprint to his challenges.... ya there goes your Q2 quota down the drain. Evernote allows you to take notes, capture photos, create to-do- lists, record voice reminders and sync everything across all of your devices.


2. Pulse

In order to stay ontop of my territory/ market and competitors - this is a live feed from LinkedIn displaying news from multiple RSS feeds to find content easily that without all the fluff.


3. Dropbox

Have to access a billion files and documents while traveling for work? This app allows you to collaborate with your team and sync your files across all devices (phone, ipad, computer, etc).


4. Uberconference

You can now take a conference call on the go anywhere anytime which includes text chat, a view of attendee social profiles, unlimited free calling and recording with up to 100 contact. Oh yeah and forget the PINS!! 


5. Docusign

Found that prospect that has had a contract our for 2 weeks now at the conference? Make sure to download Docusign which is the efficient and secure way to sign documents!  Sign documents, send documents out for signature, gather signatures in-person, monitor document status, access completed documents and much more. This also works from any device!


Never fear going on the road again! These apps will help you be more effective and efficient and will most likely speed up your promotion!!


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Alesia Venuto

Written by Alesia Venuto